About Me

Jason Vosburgh, Glacier Peak, 2012I’ve been fortunate to be able to work in small companies and departments where it is required to wear many hats. I find this as the best way to work because it keeps me challenged and things are always changing.

My career started out as a web developer and I found it fascinating how the evolution of web technology has become a major part of any business platform. So from web developing I went into working in the interactive advertising space where I could expand on the combination of my design skills with my technical acumen. I then got on board with a small start up named AngelVision Technologies and got the opportunity to build applications for clients like Microsoft, Brunswick and BTI networks. 

While working in interactive advertising, I discovered an affinity towards digital product development and marketing. Since I already had a web development background accompanied with design skills, it made sense for me to go down this path. I enjoy the consistent evolution of the digital space and how it can encompass so many things like software development, digital marketing and content strategy. So,  I got on board a small streaming startup named Abacast where I was able to utilize my product development experience while enhancing my digital marketing skills. My work for Abacast was very exciting because since it was a start-up I was able to wear many hats as well as drive where the company should go with its digital marketing strategy. I was able to work in web and application development, streaming and encoding,  public relations, event planning, SEO, PPC and drip nurture campaigns. I was able to work with clients like Yahoo! Sports, Federated Media and ESPN. As the company grew more successful, it was acquired by WideOrbit.

After Abacast, I made a move  with LIN Digital and got on at their local CBS affiliate station, KOIN TV, located in Portland, Oregon. I took the challenge to build up their digital arm of the company and helped to integrate their digital efforts with their television media efforts. This is was the perfect role, because they needed a person with leadership skills, web development experience, and online marketing expertise. After getting that department built up, I moved into  creative services department of the company where I managed the digital content strategy, media buying, SEO, PPC and Facebook advertising. Now, I’m on to new challenges and looking for my next adventure.