10 Editorial Tactics You Can Use Now

Online content is at its peak level and the competition has become so great that if you’re going to get into the game you need a toolkit to help cut through the clutter. Through research and mostly experimentation, I’ve collected ten of the best tactics I use to help get the audience to consume my content. These tactics are primarily used for online publishing, but can be applied to anyone that’s creating content and trying to reach an audience.

These tactics are a great place to start but only serve as a compliment to great content. Make sure your content is good quality or you’ll be wasting your time with the tactics. It also helps if you know who you’re trying to target, but that’s another topic altogether.

10 Editorial Tactics You Can Use Now –

  1. Urgent Headlines
    Use words that will be searched locally and around the world. It helps to front load your headline with the targeted key phrase of your article.
  2. Summary Section
    Off the top of the story give three or four bullet points. Update these short elements as the story evolves. This makes it easy for people on mobile to learn the overall story quickly.
  3. Subheadlines
    Give subheadlines through the story to make it easy to scan as people scroll. Use these to divide the story into themes including police response, victims, and about the school.
  4. Social Elements
    Tweets and Facebook posts from official sources can be added to the copy to illustrate the points of the story…this can include tweets from your reporters and station.
  5. Other Stories
    Have links in the story that point to sidebars. Have a list of the other stories at the end with links. Don’t depend on automation to suggest where the reader should go next.
  6. Video
    Embed a video or two within the body of the story.
  7. Streaming
    Include a link to your live streaming page.
  8. Pull quotes
    Emphasize a segment of the story and pull it out so the reader can easily digest it.
  9. Social Handles
    Include the Twitter accounts you want people to follow. Embed social posts to reinforce key points of the story.
  10. Continuing Coverage
    End the story pointing to content on your other platforms. Tell your audience there will be more content to come.